Integrity Services

 All organisations have a risk of fraud and corruption. Fraud costs the Australian economy over $3 billion a year with over 63% of Australian organisations experiencing economic crime every 2 years[1]. This is just the economic cost. The reputational damage can be far greater. Regulatory involvement may also arise as a result of fraud and corruption.

But there is a way to cut the risk. Lack of controls contribute to nearly 1 in every 3 cases of fraud. Further, a majority of detected fraud is first reported by employees. The frequency of which increases dramatically when the employees have received appropriate training[2].

Establishing a culture of integrity and a strong control environment will not only significantly reduce your risk and consequences of fraud and corruption, it will also make your organisation a better place to work. Procure Group want to help you achieve this.

Services Provided

The range of integrity services offered by Procure include:

  • Maturity assessments of current controls
  • Fraud and corruption risk assessments
  • Policy drafting
  • Training and awareness
  • Investigations
  • Outsourced fraud and corruption control function and secondments

Our Points of Difference

Deep experience – Our team has experience providing these services across all levels of Government and even the United Nations. Our team has also worked for private companies from small local businesses through to large multi-national corporations and overseas entities.

Authorities in the field – Our team includes the founders of the NSW Corruption Prevention Network (CPN), a drafter of the NSW benchmark in fraud control and the Australian standard (AS 8001-2008), as well as university lecturers in the field. With Procure Group, these authorities won’t just oversee the work, they will perform the majority of services for our clients.

Sustainable integrity – Many companies take an audit approach to fraud and corruption prevention. This delivers limited results and can lead to a fear-based perception of fraud and corruption control. We will ensure compliance coverage, but also want to work with you to show how a culture focussed on integrity will deliver sustained results and healthier long-term business practices.

Not your auditors – We are not your internal auditors or external auditors. We will never have the conflict of having to review our own work.

Concise and approachable – There is no point in providing technical output that you can’t understand, let alone implement. We pride ourselves on ensuring all outputs can be easily understood, adopted and owned by any reader.


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[1] Australian Standard: Fraud and Corruption Control (AS 8001-2008)

[2] Association of Certified Fraud Examiners: 2020 Report to the Nations