Our team's expertise encompasses a wide range of procurement processes including goods and services, construction and ICT. We tailor each procurement to achieve a value for money outcome, utilising existing whole-of-government arrangements where available and beneficial.

Our core philosophy is to ensure procurement is an enabler function within your organisation.

Services Provided

The range of procurement advisory services offered by Procure include:

  • Manage procurement processes - We can assist with any or all stages of a procurement life cycle from defining the need, going to market, evaluating proposals, negotiating a contract and managing a contract.
  • Review/audit procurement processes - As a health check activity or in response to a complaint, Procure can review completed procurement processes to ensure compliance with required policies and procedures, and identify any opportunities for improvement to achieve best practice.
  • Secondments to enhance procurement capacity - If your agency has a temporary capacity issue, we can provide short to medium term resources on a part-time or full-time basis to supplement capacity in conducting procurements.
  • Procurement function gap analysis - Whether it is to review a discreet aspect of your procedures, update templates or create a procurement function from scratch, Procure can draw on our exceptional experience and template base to create best practice procedures.

Our Points of Difference

Our people - Our procurement team members are highly skilled and qualified professionals, who undertake continued professional development to ensure our services align with the evolving procurement landscape.

Core focus - While some procurement teams provide services across the broad range of procurement activities, we specialise our focus to the services areas above to deliver you outstanding results every time.

Probity foundation - Each of our procurement team members are regularly involved in probity engagements which ensures our procurement engagements are conducted with due regard to probity.


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