Gerald Kohn - Manager, Probity and Procurement

Probity in Health – Gerald was responsible for the provision of internal probity services in the NSW Public Health system.  This included management of a small team providing probity advice across the Health system as well as providing advice on over 20 tender processes, ranging from IT and construction to goods and to NGO provided services. Since joining Procure, Gerald has expanded this experience to many other agencies including Transport, Education and Corrective Services.

Development of Procurement Policy – Gerald has extensive experience in the development, implementation and interpretation of procurement policy.  He was responsible for an overhaul of procurement policy at NSW Health.  He has also provided advice on policy and probity issues in several ICAC inquiries and developed a procurement approach to facilitate strategic partnering.  As a result, Gerald understands the Government procurement environment and can provide practical advice on process compliance and probity issues.

Management of Complex Procurement Processes – Gerald is very experienced in managing complex and innovative procurement projects and navigating any probity concerns that may result.  This includes the use of complex multiple stage procurement projects, procurements where there are internal bidders, procurements where the strategic fit of the selected provider is a key requirement, where pricing transparency and understanding of cost structures was a key requirement and the use of multiple simultaneous negotiations as part of the procurement process.