Rhonda Stien - Manager, Probity and Investigations

Background - Rhonda is a management specialist who has had more than 30 years' experience in senior management roles in a range of organisations in both the public and private sectors. Within the public sector her roles have included Executive Director, Education and Community Programs for the Environment Protection Authority and Executive Director, Child and Family for the NSW Department of Community Services. In the non-government sector she was the Chief Executive Officer of Uniting Care Burnside. She holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Social Work.

During the past nine years, Rhonda has undertaken a range of investigations for numerous agencies into grievances and workplace misconduct. The latter have involved fact finding and disciplinary matters under the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002 as well as under other legal frameworks. These investigations are predominantly associated with alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct including a wide range of alleged misconduct including fraud, bullying and harassment, misuse of internet and email, use of illegal substances, discrimination and child protection. She attempts to find solutions that can assist organisations to improve their procedures through focusing not only on individual behaviour but also on systemic issues.

Many of Rhonda’s recent investigations have involved issues of probity, including the appropriate use of government funds and property.

Rhonda is familiar with public sector procurement procedures from both sides, i.e. as a funding provider as well as an applicant for government funding. She has led procurement processes while at the Environment Protection Authority in relation to selection of advertising campaigns.

Rhonda has post graduate qualifications in management and social work as well as training in investigations and workplace conflict resolution.

She was the recipient of the Macquarie University Graduate School of Management Year 2000 Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement.