Tiffany Blackett - Senior Manager, Probity

Public sector audit and evaluation – Tiffany brings over 20 years of expertise in public sector audits and evaluations. Prior to joining Procure, Tiffany was a member of the performance audit executive team at the NSW Audit Office, where she was responsible for leading a team of analysts to deliver quality performance audits / value for money reviews. These reviews examined the efficiency and effectiveness of government services, including aspects of compliance and probity such as transparency and impartiality in decision making, accountability and governance arrangements, and contract management and commissioning processes. This experience was diverse, with Tiffany conducting audits and evaluations throughout the public sector, including the Health, Justice, Transport, and Environment clusters.

Probity advisory experience – Tiffany’s previous roles have all been conducted with due regard to probity. Tiffany is now utilising those skills and her experience to provide direct probity advice. Some examples of Tiffany’s probity advisory experience include:

  • NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption – Tiffany worked in the corruption prevention division where she reported on probity issues such as sponsorship, gifts and benefits, conflicts of interest, and governance.
  • United Arab Emirates State Audit Institution – Tiffany was responsible for establishing a performance audit function where she reviewed agency specific governance practices, conducted audits, and established mechanisms for business planning and reporting.
  • Department of Education, Department of Industry, Transport for NSW – Tiffany conducted reviews that assessed whether the agencies’ approach to procuring and managing their contingent workforce met business needs and delivered value for money.
  • Planning Assessment Commission – Tiffany assessed major development applications to determine whether the Commission had sound processes in place to help it make informed and consistent decisions, and that those decisions were transparent and free from bias.
  • Roads and Maritime Services – Tiffany reviewed the effectiveness of fixed, safety and mobile speed cameras, which included an analysis of speed camera contracts from a probity perspective.