Warwick Smith - Managing Director

Exceptional probity advisory experience - Warwick has been engaged full time as a probity advisor since 1993. Warwick has been responsible for either completing or having Director quality control oversight over the majority of Procure Group's 1000 engagements across over 100 clients.

Independent Commission Against Corruption - Warwick was a Senior Corruption Prevention Officer at the ICAC for 4 years. During this period Warwick was responsible for the production of the ICAC’s Practical Guide to Corruption Prevention and the Protected Disclosures Handbook. He also completed numerous pieces of advice for NSW public sector agencies. He has since been a major contributor to the ICAC publication Probity and Probity Advising.

Unsolicited Proposal Guidelines - Warwick was responsible for the drafting of the NSW Government’s Unsolicited Proposal Guidelines (2012) issued by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet. This established an innovative procurement opportunity for Government. 

Training – Warwick regularly conducts training of procurement teams to ensure that probity requirements are understood and become a fundamental element of the team’s culture.

Philippine Government PPP Centre – In 2014, Warwick, jointly with Infrastructure NSW, prepared and delivered a 2 day Probity Workshop in Manilla. The purpose of the workshop was to promote the importance of the role of the probity advisor in Public Private Partnership transactions.