About us

Procure was established in 2005 as a specialist probity, governance and procurement advisory consultancy. We have since expanded to also include investigations and integrity services.

Our goal on every engagement is to enhance the integrity and rigour of your processes to deliver better value for money to your agency and the public.

We provide our services predominantly to federal and state government agencies, local councils and related organisations. We have been engaged by more than 130 entities on over 1,200 separate engagements.

Our approach to providing high quality services focuses on the following:

  • employing only exceptionally talented people
  • establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients based on openness, trust and co-operation
  • maintaining the confidentiality of our client's information
  • working closely with members of the client's team
  • sharing our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our clients
  • adopting robust and current methodologies to deliver our services.

Our points of difference

Commitment to government - We have developed our service expertise in the government sector. We offer our services primarily to government agencies and related entities and do not accept any engagement where a conflict of interest is likely to arise.

Track record - We pride ourselves on being an organisation that government calls on when it has a complex matter to address. This is a result of the thoughtful and clear advice and reporting we provide.

Available and flexible - We choose not to have fixed premises. Instead we work independently, collaborating with clients on site and through our established technology. This ensures effective communication and enhances our ability to understand and meet client needs.

'Procure Plus' - We strive to add value in everything we do. If there is a better way for us to add value to a project, we will suggest it.

Engaging us

We look forward to chatting to you more about how we can help ensure integrity and rigour in your processes.

NSW Government agencies can directly engage us through the Performance and Management Services Scheme (SCM0005). We are compliant with the Business Advisory Services (BAS) Commercial Framework and are prequalified under the following categories:

  • 1G Governance
  • 6A Internal / External Audit
  • 6B Risk Management
  • 6C Probity Services
  • 9A Procurement / Sourcing
  • 9C Procurement Accreditation
  • 14C Fraud and Corruption Investigation
  • 15A Strategy and Planning
  • 15B Risk
  • 15C Major Project Procurement / Delivery and Project Management
  • 15D Contracting
  • 15E Communication

Procure is also included on a number of agency specific panels.

Please get in touch to talk more about how we can work together and improve value for money outcomes for your agency.


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