What we do

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How we work

We let our work speak for itself

We specialise in 4 complementary areas. Whether we are delivering services or monitoring your processes, you will get practical, quality advice every time.

We specialise in


Probity advisor

We act as your probity adviser on complex, high profile projects right through to smaller yet still risky engagements.

Probity audits

We review procurement processes and report on the application of the probity fundamentals.

Drafting probity policies

We draft probity policies and procedures, drawing on our vast template library saving you both time and money.


We upskill your team so that they have the understanding they need to deliver outstanding results.

We specialise in


Managing Complex Procurements

Our experts can manage your complex procurement projects to ease any capacity or capability issues your team might be experiencing and help you sleep at night.

Procurement Assurance Reviews

Have you completed a highly sensitive procurement but are unsure if it was robust? We take a considered approach to the individual procurement’s context to provide a detailed assurance report.


The same team that can help manage your complex procurements can help fill short- and medium- capacity issues by being seconded as part of your team either part-time or full time depending on your requirements.

Strategic and Functional Services

Analysing and redesigning your Procurement Framework to enable strategic outcomes that work for your organisation and team.

We specialise in

Integrity Services

Fraud and corruption risk assessments

We identify where your organisation’s operations may be susceptible to the threat of fraud and corruption. We determine how well controls are currently operating to mitigate that risk and identify opportunities for improvement.

Maturity assessments

We review your organisation’s fraud and corruption control framework against best practice to show where you are strong, and where there may be opportunities to improve.

Policy drafting

We draft your code of conduct and fraud and corruption control plan. We also review and update all of your policies to ensure they are clear, concise and complete.


We provide training and regular updates to your team helping them to understand their responsibilities. This helps create a better workplace and improves organisational results.

We specialise in


Fraud & corruption investigations

We undertake fact findings or investigations of incidents or actions that might give rise to allegations of fraud or corruption.

Confidential investigations

We are skilled at dealing with sensitive investigations including complaints that are subject to the Public Interest Disclosures Act and those referred to agencies by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Conduct reviews

We undertake preliminary assessments and investigations of Councillors in accordance with the Procedures for the Administration of the Model Code of Conduct.

Workplace Dispute Resolution

We can assist in resolving staff conflicts and grievances by providing customised mediation services designed for the workplace.